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On the Road to Compliance & Sustainability Since 1999

Beyond Compliance LLC is a law firm focused on EHS compliance and sustainability consulting. We provide legal compliance counseling and specialized environmental and sustainability consulting for businesses and government.

Our services include:

  • Environmental, Health, and Safety compliance counseling
  • Auditing
  • Permitting
  • Environmental and Sustainability Training
  • Management Systems
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Corporate Social Responsibility strategy & implementation

Sustainability Strategies and Reporting

Since 1999 Beyond Compliance has been a leader in sustainability consulting and strategy development.  Beyond Compliance has significant sustainability experience ranging from long-range sustainability visioning and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) and Sustainability Management Systems (SMS) for private and public organizations.

Over the years, the Beyond Compliance team has worked with client organizations to develop and imbed strategic sustainability strategies. We use a variety of facilitation tools, tailored to the group profile, the corporate culture, and the requirements of the task to be accomplished. Brainstorming, priority scoring, small group breakout sessions, role playing, eco-mapping, and back casting are some of the tools we use. The long-term vision may seem unattainable (carbon neutral, zero waste, etc.), but the exercises lead the participants in identifying the pathways and steps toward the long-term goals.

These tools may conclude the development of a refined sustainability vision identifying long-term (perhaps 25 year) targets and objectives along with the first 5 year preliminary draft action plans which will set forth prioritized “big picture” significant aspects, baselines, targets, objectives, roles, responsibilities, schedules, and metrics. The organization can then integrate the sustainability projects into it (cross link to EMS page). As well, the interim results of the sustainability initiatives can be optionally conveyed into a CSR standard such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting metrics for review by the organization’s stakeholders.

Benefits of Sustainability Strategies

At its core, a corporate sustainability strategy provides a framework to systematically plan for and evaluate sustainability initiatives within your organization. You can expect the following benefits from a sustainability strategy:

Bottom line Results. A well-crafted sustainability strategy focuses on those initiatives with the greatest cost saving and revenue generating potential while reducing the organization’s environmental footprint.

Builds trust and connection with stakeholders. Employees and customers are increasingly concerned about the environment and want to be part of the solution. Because sustainability touches many aspects of your business, sustainability programs can further motivate your staff (from the bottom up and the top down) to meet existing business objectives while enhancing environmental performance.

Beyond Compliance has led sustainability strategies or performed CSR reporting for organizations including Hewlett Packard, Gallo, Gilead Sciences, NUMMI, and Hilmar Cheese.

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