Our Services

Beyond Compliance provides clients with a variety of services that enhance environmental performance and management.

Compliance Services

  • Audits – Environmental compliance audits often reveal “hidden” regulatory and other liabilities within facilities and are designed to identify regulatory gaps that require corrective action. Eco-audits typically provide an assessment of missed environmental opportunities to promote energy and resource efficiencies.
  • Compliance Management Systems (CMS) – CMSs provide a comprehensive manual or a web-enabled system framework that incorporates all applicable regulatory requirements governing facility operations and translates them into standard operating procedures assigning roles, responsibilities, and schedules.
  • Environmental Training – We offer customizable facility or industry-specific environmental training for a variety of topics. Typical subjects include: hazardous waste management, storm water, Spill Prevention & Countermeasure Control (SPCC), environmental legislative updates, compliance audits, and EMS.
  • Regulatory Updates/Analysis – What new environmental laws will impact your business and how will your business stay on top of new regulatory developments? Beyond Compliance staff has extensive experience tracking California environmental laws and regulations and is uniquely qualified to deliver a 1-hour brownbag lunch or an 8-hour seminar presentation on the highlights of new and upcoming environmental legislation and what it may mean for your business.
  • Environmental Permitting – Beyond Compliance helps numerous clients from diverse industries navigate applicable environmental permits and approvals and assists them with regulatory agency interface.
  • Environmental Plans – Beyond Compliance staff have extensive experience developing SB 14 hazardous waste pollution prevention plans, SPCC (spill prevention control and countermeasure) plans, integrated contingency plans, storm water plans, and hazardous materials business plans.

Sustainability Services

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – EMSs provide a more comprehensive framework than a CMS. Beyond Compliance provides assistance with any level of EMS (e.g. auditing, training, implementation), from the very first steps, through the process to optimization and continuous improvement.
  • Greenhouse Gas Strategies – Managing greenhouse gas inventories is an emerging issue in light of AB 32 which creates a California strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions presents a tremendous business opportunity for industry and government. Beyond Compliance engineers, scientists, and sustainability experts specialize in developing certifiable GHG emission inventories and crafting strategies to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sustainability Strategies and Training – Beyond Compliance sustainability experts design and deliver workshops on sustainability for industrial and facility managers about the connection with global issues of climate change and natural resource depletion and their work at the plant and to generate ideas and actions in resource efficiency and pollution prevention. In previous training sessions, participants have identified opportunities for improvement and action plans, many of them potentially yielding significant cost savings of several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – CSR is rapidly gaining recognition as an imperative in corporate structure. We navigate the variety of standards including The Natural Step and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and promote those CSR principles and ideas in a way that you can apply to your company tomorrow.
  • Pollution Prevention (P2) – The most effective way to manage pollution is to prevent it at its source. Beyond Compliance assists in finding technical, process and management solutions to increase process and resource efficiency in order to reduce both pollution and wasted inputs upstream.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – A life cycle framework provides a comprehensive quantitative approach for comparing process or product alternatives, as well as for evaluating your supply chain. LCA provides meaningful insight into the underlying sources of energy, water or resource consumption.

Other Resources

Through partnerships and affiliations, Beyond Compliance offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Green Business Certification
  • Various software packages supporting EMS/CMS, CSR benchmarking and performance
  • Environmental Impact Analysis to comply with CEQA